Welcome to PRE'21

PRE’21 is the ninth event in the series of International Workshops covering a wide range of research topics concerning the properties and applications of rare-earth ions in optoelectronics and photonics. The series begun in Trento, Italy in May 2005 (PRE’05), followed by PRE’07 again in Trento, PRE’10 in Firenze (Italy), PRE’12 in Kyoto (Japan), PRE’14 in San Sebastián (Spain), PRE’16 in Greenville (USA), PRE’17 in Rome (Italy), and PRE’19 in Nice (France). You can look at more details in the History page.

Almost 1,000 scientists and students from more than 30 countries, in total, have attended the previous Workshops. The average size of each event, around 100 people, makes for a collegial environment where students and world experts can mingle and talk in an informal and effective way.

Over the past decade, an increasing number of luminescent materials have been reported, based on the properties of rare earth ions embedded in different matrices (crystalline, amorphous and glass ceramics; oxides, fluorides, chalcogenides, organics, ….) or contained in molecular complexes. These materials have already been been widely employed in light sources and amplifiers, optical displays, fluorescent probes, luminescent labels, frequency converters, detectors, and so on, thus covering fields ranging from telecommunication to sensing, from medical diagnosis to energy. Despite of it, there are still increasing demands for novel functions to further extend their practical applications.

The PRE’21 Workshop, like the previous ones, aims at providing a forum for material scientists, chemists and physicists where to debate about the state of the art and the perspectives of the photonic materials based on rare earth ions. Both fundamental photoluminescence properties and application oriented material investigations will be considered.

We would like to welcome all the interested experts from different countries in the world to PRE’21, which will be held on 24-26 September 2021 in Cancún, Mexico, one of the enchanting places along the Caribbean coastline, close to fascinating ancient sites of Maya civilization.

Ciro Falcony, Maurizio Ferrari and Shibin Jiang

PRE’21 co-chairs

Giancarlo C. Righini

PRE’21 honorary chair